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Liquor / Prime

Exclusive excerpts from LIQUOR and PRIME!

Even-more-exclusive "lost chapter" from LIQUOR -- never available anywhere but here!


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Previously unpublished fiction from my rejection-slip years.


The H.O.G. Syndrome

The H.O.G. Syndrome is a very short "novel" I wrote when I was 12 years old, the first draft in one of those nifty '70s "blank books" (it had a cover patterned with denim and butterfly appliques), the second draft on the monstrous blue electric typewriter on which I later wrote Lost Souls. Though The H.O.G. Syndrome owes far too large a debt to Archie comics, I still like it and think that -- with its cheerful characters, emphasis on dialogue, and food (though definitely not foodie) focus -- in a weird ways it's closer to the Liquor books than anything I wrote in the interim. In places it's embarrassing enough that I was tempted to revise it, but I present it here exactly as it was written circa 1979. At any rate, it is my gift to you. I hope you enjoy it.

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The story is fiction, but the restaurant is real ... and really, really good.


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System Freeze
Mountains and men in black -- written for the web site of hit film The Matrix.

Red Light Black and White: Photography by Ellen Von Unworth


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Purple Proze

All seven issues of Purple Proze, the newsletter started in 1995 by my former assistant Robert Sage and continued by me until 1999. Note: Please do not ask for a subscription to PP -- it is defunct!